Boots and Bandages: To Support and Protect

Boots and bandages help protect horses’ legs and provide support but aren’t substitutes for good conditioning.

Boots and bandages can help protect a horse’s legs and provide some support, but they shouldn’t be relied on as a substitute for good conditioning.

No horse has perfect conformation, nor does every horse have the perfect job or the perfect footing in which to work. With this in mind, horse owners reach out to use every available technology to protect a horse’s limbs against injury. Manufacturers have risen to the challenge to produce a variety of protective wraps, support boots, and substitutes for horseshoes. Riders have high expectations for bandage protection and support: How much do these boots and bandages live up to their

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Nancy S. Loving, DVM, owns Loving Equine Clinic in Boulder, Colorado, and has a special interest in managing the care of sport horses. Her book, All Horse Systems Go, is a comprehensive veterinary care and conditioning resource in full color that covers all facets of horse care. She has also authored the books Go the Distance as a resource for endurance horse owners, Conformation and Performance, and First Aid for Horse and Rider in addition to many veterinary articles for both horse owner and professional audiences.

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