More than 1,300 readers of responded to a poll asking, “Have horses close to you experienced EPM?

Results were as follows:

  • Yes, I owned a horse with EPM: 37.80% (502)
  • Yes, a friend owned an EPM horse: 28.39% (377)
  • Yes, there have been many cases around me: 26.28% (349)
  • No: 7.53% (100)

All comments submitted by poll respondents are listed below.

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  • Indy is 5 mo post diagnosis & 3 mo post treatment. Not recovered yet. Small setbacks w/stress. 3+1-
  • yes i own a barrel horse that had epm i am happy to say he recovered wonderfully
  • sadly mine lost the fight. it was in 97, before Marquis and before the Godsend that is the EPM list
  • he recovered to be ridable but not as an eventer
  • Came on after castration of a 3 YO. Treated very early on, before blood test results, with Marquis.
  • Pepper had EPM 10 years ago, recovered, but has problems with lifting left hi