A fence design competition was launched Nov. 27, aiming to promote interest in the equestrian events at the 2008 Olympics, which will be held for the first time ever on Chinese soil, in Hong Kong.

The fences should convey the themes of the Beijing Olympics, which are “Green Olympics,” “High-tech Olympics,” and “People’s Olympics,” as well as the brand images of Hong Kong, which include the attributes of “progressive,” “innovative,” and “cosmopolitan.” The judging criteria will be based on originality, adherence to topic/theme, and creativity.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Jumping Fence Design Competition and Deputy Secretary General of the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China Ronnie Wong said, “Jumping fences were an integral part of the visual enjoyment that the equestrian sport imparted to its spectators and they vividly displayed the cultural identity of the host cities.”

“Hong Kong has a pool of talent that would turn out ingenious designs that would contribute to the success of the Equestrian Events,” he added.

Vice-President of the Equestrian Committee (Hong Kong) of Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the 29th Olympiad and Sports Federation and Olympic Committee President Timothy Fok said the fences are a good way to promote the Hong Kong personality before the global community.

He said the competition is a good opportunity for the Hong Kong public to exercise their creativity by submitting innovative designs for fences.

Vice Chairman and Chief Executive of Bank of China (Hong Kong), He Guangbei, said, “The competition blends together the characteristics of sports, art and education. It aims to enhance the interest of the general public in the appreciation of equestrian sports by means of creative art competition. Therefore, Bank of China (Hon