Farnam is now offering a 2007 Equine Event Calendar, preprinted with holidays and national equine events, including location and Web site address. It is the perfect size to take with you while pursuing your busy schedule. Plus, a window inside the front cover lets you personalize the calendar with your own photo.

The 2007 Equine Event Calendar is free, while supplies last, with the purchase of any two doses of IverCare (ivermectin) Paste, StrongyleCare (pyrantel pamoate) Paste, or IverEase (ivermectin) On-Feed dewormers from a participating Farnam dewormers dealer.

“The 2007 Equine Event Calendar is just one of the ways Farnam Dewormers want to say thank you to customers for their loyalty,” said Heather Hoff, vice president of Farnam Equine Pharmaceuticals. The company is also offering a Frequent Buyer Offer.

The Farnam Frequent Buyer Offer allows purchasers of five of these popular dewormers to get one free by mail. Choose from IverCare Paste, IverEase On-Feed Dewormer, StrongyleCare Paste, ComboCare (moxidectin/praziquantel) Gel, and TapeCare Plus (pyrantel pamoate) Paste. Look for this special offer at participating dealers, or go to www.farnamhorse.com for complete details. Stock up now–this special mail-in offer ends September 30, 2007.