Farnam is sponsoring a new scholarship for U.S. Pony Club (USPC) members as a reward for excellence in academic pursuits and outstanding achievements in Pony Clubs.

The Farnam Equine Pharmaceuticals Scholarship will be awarded to an active Pony Club member who is currently enrolled in, or accepted to, an institution of higher education. To qualify, applicants must have achieved a Pony Club rating of C-3 or higher and maintain a minimum 2.0 academic grade point average.

For a complete list of requirements, Pony Club members should visit the USPC Web site (www.ponyclulb.org). To qualify, an application form, submitted along with the additional materials listed, must be received by the USPC office no later than March 31.

The winning recipient will be selected by the USPC Scholarship Committee and announced by June 30.

“We are pleased to be able to offer the Farnam Equine Pharmaceuticals Scholarship to a deserving Pony Club member,” said Heather Hoff, vice president, Farnam Equine Pharmaceuticals. “This scholarship will not only recognize the accomplishments of a Pony Club member but help them on his or her way to pursue his or her dreams for the future.”