Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) veterinarians are responding to concerns regarding three horses euthanatized due to illness in Columbia, Md.

Private veterinarians contacted MDA’s veterinarians and are working closely with MDA animal health labs as necropsy results are analyzed. Facility managers and horse owners are fully cooperating.

“Our veterinarians are diligently working with private veterinarians on these unfortunate horse deaths to determine the cause,” said Deputy Secretary of Agriculture John R. Brooks, DVM. “We do not yet know if this is a contagious disease issue. However, as in all cases which involve undetermined animal deaths, we encourage owners to avoid allowing contact with possibly infected horses.”

Horse owners with concerns, as in all animal health issues, should contact their private equine veterinarian. For more information from the MDA, contact James I. Fearer, DVM, Acting State Veterinarian at 301/334-2185.