Horse Shows and TrainingTo wrap up this chapter on horse showing for less (the near impossible), I want to think about more things exhibitors can do themselves, rather than paying for a professional’s services. There are the obvious: braiding, grooming, mucking stalls, body clipping É but there are also the more creative and often overlooked cost-saving tricks such as making your own grooming products or using dollar store items you wouldn’t normally consider. In asking competitors some of their secret alternatives to expensive equine products, I came up with this list of do-it-yourself tips before walking into the show ring:

–  Baby wipes from the local dollar store are a quick and easy touch-up tool for horse and rider.
–  A safe hand cleaner or sanitizing wipe such as Gojo will remove manure stains.
–  If you don’t have easy access to clippers, a disposable razor will touch up a hairy muzzle.
–  Use dryer sheets to wipe dust from a horse’s coat before entering the show ring.
–  A light touch of baby oil on the muzzle will leave it shiny and soothed.
–  Talcum powder and water will prevent dust and dirt from dirtying white markings. Merely brush off before going into the ring.
–  Are you creative enough to make some of your own clothes and accessories? A dressage dickie, for example, can be made with about $2 of white cotton fabric and a little handiwork.
–  An affordable coat sheen recipe requires just _ cup baby oil, 2 cups water, 4 tbsp apple cider vinegar, and maybe a da