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Homemade Weed Control Spray

Trying to beat those weeds? Here’s a homemade herbicide recipe for tank sprayers or spray bottles that’s low in chemicals and caustic substances.

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Keep Pastures Healthy With Rotational Grazing

Rotational grazing is a recommended pasture management “best management practice” to increase pasture productivity and prevent overgrazing and soil compaction. This technique guarantees fresh grass for your horses for a longer period of time during the growing season.

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buffer strips

Buffer Your Horse Paddocks

Alayne Blickle, of Horses for Clean Water, shares how buffer or biofiltration strips can help control muddy runoff in your paddocks.

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Footing Q&A for Outdoor Reining Arenas

Interested in what kind of footing to put in your outdoor arena? Alayne Blickle, of Horses for Clean Water, discusses appropriate footing materials with reining horse trainer, Matt Livengood.

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