Mustang Mania in Idaho
Some of you might recall that my husband, Matt Livengood, competed in last year’s Extreme Mustang Makeover (EMM) in Nampa, Idaho, with a mustang we named Bud. It was challenging, exciting, and at times frightening. In the end it was a rewarding experience for Matt and me, and hopefully Bud found it a positive experience as well.

The EMM, as it is more often referred to by participants, is a chance to showcase the trainability and versatility of America’s Mustangs. As told in the 2011 documentary “Wild Horse, Wild Ride,” participants are given 100 days to gentle and train a wild horse. Each contestant is randomly assigned a Mustang from a pool of horses that are approximately the same age, sex, and color. Eleven EMM competitions were held around the US this year, organized and run by the Mustang Heritage Foundation.

This summer the 2015 Nampa, Idaho EMM was held, featuring 5- and 6-year-old mustang mares. Matt and I attended as spectators and found ourselves completely captivate

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