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Those Show Clothes

Let’s face it, when you walk into the show ring you want to look good. Who doesn’t? Frumpy, ill-fitting, and out-dated clothes, boots, or tack

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Reducing Lessons

Horse show season is in full swing. I don’t care if you’re of the dressage, event, hunter, jumper, or western world, competitions are not cheap.

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First Aid and Physical Effort

We’re moving off of cost-saving health care advice into the world of horse shows and training– but that doesn’t mean the health chapter is complete.

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Spend Time, Not Money

How much time do you really spend with your horse? Would a few more minutes of grooming and awareness each day save you money farther down the road? According to vets and farriers, it will.

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No Hoof, No Horse

Without well-cared-for feet, you’re pretty much going to be out a horse. Routine hoof care is absolutely essential to your horse’s comfort and soundness, but are we paying for special shoes and gadgets that our horses may not really need? 

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Never-Ending Vet Costs

OK. Now let’s get into the real hands-on cost-saving. Last week’s introduction hopefully got your mind thinking (or stressing) about reducing your equine expenses. This

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Where is Your Money Going?

By now we all know the hurting economy is also hurting the horse industry. Even the highest echelons of horse ownership are being affected, so

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