Because of space limitations, not all the stories I followed and wrote about in the forthcoming book Equine ER,

made it into the book, such as this one below about an older Quarter

Horse named Trouble. Also, some early buzz: Susan Richards, author of the New York Times best-seller “Chosen by a

Horse,” calls Equine ER as “thrilling and drama-filled as any

of the popular hospital shows on television today. As (author Leslie)

Guttman takes us along on rounds with the vets from the prestigious

Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital, we enter the life-and-death world of

some of the most famous racing barns in America. Over and over, Guttman

shows us that even in the high stakes world of racing, compassion and

an enduring love of equines is the guiding force behind the decisions

of this extraordinary group of veterinarians …” 

The book is coming out very soon. Special deal for early birds who want to pre-order (free shipping, more than 20 percent off, click here. Thank you for visiting this blog. 

 Top: Trouble, a 22-year-old Quarter Horse; above: Trouble in his younger days (