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For the Welfare of the Horse

As the AAEP Convention wraps up its final days, each year there’s the big banquet celebration that generates money for the AAEP Foundation. For nearly two decades, the foundation has been dedicated to...

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“I feel like I’ve got an ice pick digging into my gut,” is what I heard through the earpiece of my phone. Then, a pregnant silence. “Excuse me?” I stammered in reply. This is not the kind of...

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Cowboy Hats and Mustaches

I have been attending AAEP Conventions since I was a sophomore in veterinary school. I have found that when I arrive in the airport, it is easy to pick out the equine practitioner at the luggage return. But some...

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Buck Brannaman’s Place of Calm

The first sentence out of keynote speaker Buck Brannaman’s mouth was, “Being a horse vet is a dangerous job.” Well, we in the room are well aware of that! He asked how many people in the room–this is an...

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The Maze

If you think as a veterinarian that the directions given to a late-night emergency are bad, think again. Try finding your way to the convention center, then back to your room after a long day of lectures in the Gaylord Opryland...

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Time to Ride

What do you think when you hear that 80 million baby boomers reach the age of 65 every day? Wow. That’s quite a number. But when you consider that these are the very same people who currently carry the horse industry...

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New and Old Friends

Every year the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) puts on a great educational convention in December. The education the attendees receive is by far the best in equine veterinary medicine.  It is...

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In Anticipation of AAEP

My grandmother always thought there was something wrong with the pre-teen me as I raced around the house with hands held in front like I was holding reins and the rounded part of a pretzel lodged in my mouth like a bit, while I...

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AAEP 2012 — Looking Ahead

As we were driving home last week from Anaheim, Calif., I laid out my writing schedule for the next month to my husband. When I got to, “And I need to write one more blog post next week to summarize the convention,”...

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