If you think as a veterinarian that the directions given to a late-night emergency are bad, think again. Try finding your way to the convention center, then back to your room after a long day of lectures in the Gaylord Opryland Resort. The hardest part for an outdoorsy girl like me is there is no sun to track what is east and what is west in this all emcompassing hotel. At least driving a truck I could either use celestial navigation or the sun to help guide me if I got lost.

You also need your running shoes to get from one lecture hall to another, not counting the six flights of stairs to the small room sessions called Table Topics.  And do not even think about stopping for a quick chat with a colleague in the hall or you will miss the lecture by the time you get there.  Most importantly don’t make plans on going back to your room until lectures are over, the traffic congestion of visitors to the beautifully decorated resort will definately slow you down and you may miss a lecture.

Then there is the challenge of getting a “quick” bite to eat!  The lines are long and the restaurants are packed due to many conventions and seasonal activities at the resort.

I will have to say, I look forward to the “turn on the dirt road where the cow is in the pasture” directions, country roads with less traffic, and the lunchbox in my truck when I get home.

Dr. Erin Denney-Jones