As we were driving home last week from Anaheim, Calif., I laid out my writing schedule for the next month to my husband. When I got to, “And I need to write one more blog post next week to summarize the convention,” he immediately said, “So, is this going to be about where you think equine medicine is heading?”

He was right. I had been fretting over how to summarize the volumes of information from the conference into one pithy post of things that I haven’t already covered in this blog. I was looking back. My husband, with his eyes on the road rather than a laptop screen, was looking forward.

So, let’s take a look into my crystal ball. Never mind the cracks–it’s just a little fractured from years of trying to figure out prognoses for owners without all of the data. The future is cloudy … the mists are parting … I see a banjo …

The 2013 Convention of the AAEP will be held in Nashville, Tenn. I have no idea what the program will contain, but I might take some guesses about what shifts we may see in equine medicine over the next few years based on some of the highlights from this year.

Nice genes, baby! The sequencing of the equine genome strikes me as one of the most exciting, eye-opening things to happen to equine medicine since the days of the chariot. (Possibly a bit of exaggeration there, but I’m not sure.) I predict (around that hairline crack to the left of the crystal) that as our knowledge of the equine genome deepens, we will better understand how certain genes respond to environmental factors, disease agents, and other genes. I predict that this unde