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Articles by Christy

AAEP 2012 — Looking Ahead

As we were driving home last week from Anaheim, Calif., I laid out my writing schedule for the next month to my husband. When I got to, “And I need to write one more blog post next week to summarize the convention,”...

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Home again, home again…

The hotel lobby the morning following a conference has the same forlorn feeling of a house the morning after a party or a ballroom after the bride and groom have left in the limo. But, instead of a smattering of beer bottles or...

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Internal Medicine Wrapup

Sometimes in medicine, where there is so much that we don’t know, it’s pretty easy to get trapped in the familiar–stick with the drugs and dosing we know, run the tests we’ve run before, assume that if a...

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The Dark Side–Soring

I understand that most equestrian disciplines contain a certain degree of slippery-slope-ness. When you are dealing with elite athletes, from human gymnasts to cutting horses, the balance between protecting the well-being of the...

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Day 2 — Ethics and Horses

If you attend AAEP conventions there is a phrase heard over and over, year after year. It burrows into the brain with the persistence of a nursery rhyme, mantra, or Elton John lyric. “The Health and Welfare of the...

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