Everybody’s A Winner!


I’m a competitive person, even though I don’t show my horses any more. I think competition makes us sharper and encourages us to think beyond where we are to where we could be. I also firmly believe in cooperation, especially if it’s for the good of the horse.

The American Horse Publications group has more than 500 members that include equine-related publications, Web sites, newsletters, breed organizations, individual professionals (i.e., freelance writers and photographers), students, and industry-related organizations and businesses. We just returned from the annual American Horse Publications convention. While there were fewer in attendance this year because of the economy, we had a great turnout and a fabulous program. And the best thing is getting together with all the people who do and love the same things we do and love–communicating about horses!

What always amazes speakers we bring in from outside our industry to present at the convention is that so many of us compete with one another for advertising dollars and customers, but we all get along so well! I guess it’s like a horse show or trail ride; you want to beat everyone else or you are there for your own reasons, but you will go out of your way to help folks, even if you don’t know them. Horses make us all members of the same family.

I just wanted to take a moment to brag on my staff, lovingly known as "The Horse Herd" around the office: Managing Editor Chad Mendell (reining horses, breaking and training Thoroughbreds, etc.), Copy and Features Editor Stephanie Church (who will be celebrating her 10th anniversary with The Horse next Monday! and grew up eventing), News Editor Erin Ryder (dressage/three-day eventing), Newsletter and Photo Editor Megan Arszman (waiting on her next horse; formerly a Palamino queen), Webmaster Christy West (who grew up with Saddlebreds and now does competitive skydiving…go figure), Programmer Dawn Garner (dressage), Ad Reps Leigh Walkup (barrel horses), Yvonne Long (used to work at the University of Kentucky Diagnostic Lab), Tabitha Knox (exercises and helps care for other folks’ horses), and Art Director Dana Kelley. (There are many more folks around the company who allow The Horse magazine and TheHorse.com to live and breathe, and we appreciate them all!) And of course all the freelancer writers, photographers, veterinarians, and researchers who help us bring our readers the latest news and information on equine health, care, management, and

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