snowVisitors and residents of the “horse capital of the world” may want to check out some warmer attractions this time of year. If you head over to Lexington’s Kentucky Theatre any Monday night, you can join the live audience at Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour – a worldwide multi-media celebration of grassroots, Americana music. Writes Patti Nickell in A Horse Lover’s Guide to Kentucky:

“The meandering journey from upstate New York to the border town of Laredo, Texas, to the mountains of Appalachia in Mousie, Kentucky, may seem like an odd career arc, but it has paid off handsomely for Michael Jonathan. The folk singer/songwriter/concert performer and self-proclaimed “tree-hugger” commands a worldwide radio and television audience who tune in every Monday night to his broadcast of Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour, recorded live from Lexington’s historic Kentucky Theater.
The format for Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour reflects the personality of its creator and host Ñ “Woody Guthrie in a cyber world,” as he’s been described, or a hipper version of Garrison Keillor. Decked out in jeans and a black leather jacket, Jonathan presides over Lake Woebegon’s just-as-quirky Southern counterpart. In a setting reminiscent of the early days of Nashville’s Grand Old Opry when a heart-rending ballad of love gone wrong was followed by a commercial for Martha White’s self-rising flour, Jonathan in