Well, I have my credentials and uniform in hand and am anxiously awaiting saturday’s marathon day for the driving portion of the WEG!!  We are meeting on friday to have a briefing with all the people who will work this huge effort for what is known as the marathon day.  I will be the Vet in charge of the D 10 minute hold box, and while this is the 4th time I have perfomed this job, it is extra special this year because of the WEG!! I have spent many days thus far at the horse park as a spectator and have seem fantastic dressage riding by many world class riders and some of the most fantastic horses that I have ever seen in real life!!  I also watched the paradressage yesterday and was in complete amazement at the blind rider from Norway who rode a flawless test, sat an amazing trot lengthening and rode deep into all 4 corners!!