Equine Fusion – The World’s FIrst Jogging Shoe For Horses

Equine Fusion is a Norwegian company who since 2005 has developed a new type of horse shoe, a flexible, light and durable Jogging Shoe that protect the horse’ s hooves from shock, wear and unnatural pressure. The Jogging Shoe is now sold internationally and is receiving great customer feedback.

The Equine Fusion Jogging Shoe is a light, soft and flexible shoe that supports the natural hoof movement and gives the hoof protection.

Problems such as lameness & navicular injuries are generally caused by shock to the horse’s legs, hoofs, and joints. The Equine Fusion Jogging Shoe protects the hoofs and gives shock absorption in addition to letting the natural hoof expand and contract. Metal shoes amplify the shock and vibration and keep the hooves in a fixed unnatural position and can cause the horse injury and pain. Using metal shoes is costly and gives the horse unnatural pressure on the hoof adding the cost of medical expenses. A horse’s natural hoof is designed to flex and spread on impact, which pumps blood through the hoof keeping it healthy and absorbing shock.

The company was founded when a dedicated horse owner had a horse that always seemed uncomfortable and despite of veterinary checks and treatment it never seemed to get better. As a last resort the metal shoes was removed, the hooves had to go through a rehabilitation period because of the damage the metal shoes cause regarding weakened hoof and reduced blood flow. But horses can get sore and uncomfortable when metal shoes are removed. So Equine Fusion was founded by a dedicated multi