I was away for a good chunk of July, working with Kenyan orphans and their caretakers and teachers. This was my second trip of this type, and while it’s not a horse-focused trip, I always enjoy looking for the equid animals while I’m there (in addition to giraffes, which are actually my favorite African animal!)!

Zebra family

My fellow team members (who aren’t horsepeople) would shout, “Look, Stephanie, a horse!” anytime they’d see one, which I found amusing. Among the horses I saw were some very content grazers in the high country, north of Nairobi, owned by the same people who owned a golf course in the area. Culturally, horses are only owned by the very wealthy in the areas of Africa I visited. In a British-estate pocket of Nairobi I saw someone mounted on a very smart sport horse pony with a pulled mane and polished hooves. Twice I saw a gentleman riding his bay up the median strip of a busy interstate-type highway. The horse was sound and in good flesh, although I never quite figured out the purpose of his riding. It seemed an odd sight!

But these aren’t the equids you clicked to read about, so here you go:

Donkeys are the unsung heroes of Kenyan agriculture and commerce. They’re ubiquitous as work animals both in the villages and in the more rural areas. I saw many more on this trip than I remember seeing on my last. They’re hauling wate