eyeD to Sponsor Pennsylvania National Horse Show


SUMMIT, NJ, September 26, 2011 – Global Animal Management announces that eyeD will be the Title Sponsor of Junior Weekend at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show in Harrisburg, Pa., Oct. 13-22. eyeD is the first equine identification system to utilize iris scanning technology. Horse owners and enthusiasts will have an opportunity to learn more about eyeD and sign up for special offers during the event.

           “We will provide demonstrations of eyeD technology before its official launch,” said David Knupp, marketing manager, Global Animal Management. “Attendees will also have the opportunity to register their horses and become early-adopters of the eyeD solution.”   

The eyeD solution is secure, easy-to-use and accurate. It provides a non-invasive option for horse owners, veterinarians, associations and event regulators to identify horses and manage equine information. The technology is more accurate than tattoos or markings and more secure than paper documents. It offers an easy alternative to the complication and uncertainty of traditional ID methods.

           “Horse owners can ensure lower stress levels and increased safety of their horses by using eyeD,” Knupp said. “eyeD will provide no more undue stress to your animal.”

           eyeD utilizes the unique features of the anim