GaitCheck Detects Horse Lameness Earlier Than Ever


The GaitCheck device detects lameness symptoms

earlier than ever before and radically

improves how horse owners, trainers, equine veterinarians, and farriers care

for horses. Independently

validated by a leading University-based equine research center in the US and

proven to be effective, GaitCheck users have dramatically

improved early lameness detection and monitoring

WATERLOO, Canada– NDI (Northern Digital Inc.), a

world-leader in 3D measurement technology for medical and research

applications, is pleased to offer GaitCheck – a portable and easy-to-use device

that can be incorporated into a horse’s regular check-up routine to detect

horse lameness at its earliest stages of development.

Lameness is the single most common horse affliction and

occurs 2-3 times more often than colic. Lameness is also the most costly

ailment, costing horse owners an average of $432 per lameness occurrence.

Although every single horse is at risk of developing lameness at some point in

its lifetime, if detected early enough, it can be treated quickly – drastically

improving the chances of a quicker recovery and minimizing associated costs.

While early detection is fundamental to quickly restoring horse soundness,

detecting lameness at early onset is virtually impossible to achieve

using conventional methods.

The GaitCheck device now makes it possible to detect

lameness earlier than ever previously possible. GaitC