Johann Sigurdson, CEO of Aero-Equis Inc. started his technology presentation at the Animal Transportation Conference, held March 18-21, with a great introduction on how human beings can get so easily confused with all the information that is being pushed into our brains all the time, and especially the huge amount of misinformation in our information age.

He used a wonderful quote to make his point: “A fact that has been known for a long time and has wide geographic acceptance is usually wrong.” He is using more high-tech methods to make the information that is coming in easier to access and utilize successfully.

He excoriated the horse trailer industry for only having regulations on these four basic areas:

  • Axles/rims/tires

  • Brakes (or no brakes)

  • Coupler strength

  • Lights/reflective (color and location)
This does not include structural testing of any of the following:

  • Mainframe or floor

  • Safety of the body for survivability of Impacts

  • Braking efficiency and Stopping distance

  • Chest/breast and butt bars

  • Hinges/Fasteners
Quality of wiring is not standardized or specified–nor is there any testing or standardization for flammability and toxicity of interior furnishing, rubber matting, etc.

He said that there are no standards or consumer specifications for the minimum space requirements for all the different types and orientations of trailers, nor for the amount of headroom for a specific sized horse. The way the pull bar is attached to the mainframe, the type of materials (wood, pla