We have all heard the old maxim “pride goeth before a fall.” I would bet that comment came from someone watching other people riding horses because it seems like just when you think you know what you are doing, you get “jinxed” then injured or fall from a horse, or have an “accident” of some kind. Unfortunately it also happens to horsemen and women related to safety with horses just about the time we get complacent and assured that “we know this horse” is about the time we get hurt, or we do something that gets the horse hurt.

Do you know anyone like this? Have you seen it happen to yourself?  Have you noticed how hard it is for people to admit when their actions contributed to getting their horse injured or scared?

A great example: assuming the horse trailer is hitched correctly because we’ve “done it a million times” is a dangerous attitude. Even if you
have hitched a trailer every day of your life you still haven’t done it more than 10,000 times and if you have hitched it that many times then you know that wires break, balls get loose, lubrication needs to be added, brake lines crack and fail, hitch pins get lost or break, etc. Go back and check especially if you leave the trailer hitched to the same vehicle all the time. Can you change your attitude to be more positive like “Before I load the love of my life in that trailer, I am going to ensure that trailer is a safe place for him to be on the road.”

I will be honest and tell you the truth. We are all that “cocky” self-assured person that “knows everything about horses” at some ti