The 2014 Ultimate Horse Care Calendar Is Loaded with Stunning Photography, Premium

Coupons, Horse Care Reminders and More

PHOENIX Ð November 5, 2013 Ð Farnam is pleased to announce the launch of the 2014 Farnam Ultimate Horse Care Calendar for people who love horses. In addition to stunning, full-color photography, the calendar includes many valuable resources for horse owners throughout the


Topping the list of these resources are exclusive, premium coupons Ñ six per quarter Ñ available only in the 2014 Farnam Ultimate Horse Care Calendar. The coupons, among the

most valuable that Farnam offers, can help horse owners save significantly on their favorite Farnam¨ products.

Because Farnam is dedicated to keeping horses healthy, the calendar presents monthly

equine health-care tips to help keep horses healthy inside and out, from head to hoof. Horse owners can use the included set of horse-care reminder stickers to customize their calendars according to their horses’ needs. In addition, the calendar marks the dates of many important and exciting horse-related events and Farnam promotions.

And of course, the gorgeous photography from a variety of photographers makes the calendar a beautiful addition in any home or barn. Each month highlights a different image plus

smaller graphics relating to horse health. The calendar simply looks amazing.

People can get the free calendar, for themselves or to give as a gift, just by signing up

for the free Farnam newsletter at console.log('scenario 2');