Groundmaster Stall Flooring: One Piece – Light Weight – Drains

Twenty-five years ago Groundmaster

was a totally new concept in Horse Stall Flooring. In 2008, owners Bill and Jan

Pearson retired and for the past eight years there has been nothing on the

market that offers the same quality, durability and benefits of a Groundmaster

Stall Flooring System. Last year, the company was sold to longtime friends Andy

and Robyn Burelle of Ardmore, Oklahoma. 

After a lot of hard work, the plant has been moved to its new long term

home in Oklahoma and is now operational. The new owners have a vision of

providing their customers with quality stall flooring for the next 25 years and


Stall Flooring by Groundmaster

provides horse stalls with the ability to drain and breathe, giving the horse a

healthier stall environment. Groundmaster

stall floors are drier and have less ammonia vapors than a solid floor. The

drainage allows the urinA (ammonia and bacteria) to dissipate right into the

ground, which is a natural filter. This flooring can also be easily disinfected

right from the top without having to remove it!

Proper biodegradable

disinfectants, such as Tek_Trol, follow the same path as the urine and have a

residual effect on the ammonia causing bacteria.  In addition, the Groundmaster/Tek_ Trol system gives a bacteria free stall in just

minutes with no heavy labor!

Like no other stall flooring, Groundmaster is made in “one piece” to

fit individual s