Tribute Ultra GH is a new product designed to support the horse’s gastrointestinal (GI) health and supply all the nutrients needed by the competition horse or those with GI issues.

Tribute Ultra GH is formulated with Tribute’s “TRIPLE THREAT” Gut Health Approach including

  • Equi-Ferm XL¨– a microencapsulated active dry yeast; acts as both a pre-and probiotic, increases total diet digestibility and improves overall gut health by stabilizing GI pH (acidity)

  • specific organic performance minerals shown in controlled university studies to promote tissue healing in the gut.
  • a fermented soy isolate shown in university and veterinary research to help prevent and heal gastric lesions.

Tribute Ultra GH also has “Direct-Fed-Microbials” (probiotics). Our direct-fed-microbials are viable and heat-stable to maintain normal gut function during times of stress.

The higher fat (8%), highly digestible fiber and lower sugar and starch help maximize performance and reduce fatigue.

The balance and amounts of essential amino acids support muscle maintenance and help recovery from exercise.

Organic performance minerals replenish body tissue stores depleted during daily activities and exercise and, as mentioned above, may help heal intestinal lesions.

Essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids supply safe, efficient calories for exercise and can help reduce post-exercise inflammation.

Tribute Ultra GH is formulated with optimum levels of antioxidants Vitamin E, Vitamin C and