Lexington, KY (June 22nd, 2017) The horse’s digestive system is a very complex organ. Did you know that 70% of a horse’s immune system is found in the intestine, or that the intestine produces more neurotransmitters than the brain? Needless to say, a healthy gut is important to the overall health of your horse.

Want to make sure your horse’s gut is healthy? Join Dr. Bill Vandergrift, CEO of Equivision Inc. for a free webinar “Gut Health Affects Your Horse’s Well Being, Attitude and Performance” on Monday, June 26th, 2017.

We’ll cover tips such as:

  • The interaction between your horse’s intestinal health and immune function and allergies.
  • How to identify if your horse is presenting with digestive dysfunction as a primary cause for poor performance, allergies and/or poor attitude.
  • How to distinguish between symptoms of gastric ulcers and hind gut dysfunction.
  • How hind gut dysfunction can be the primary cause for gastric ulcers.
  • The various causes of intestinal inflammation and leaky gut and how to distinguish which one is the primary cause of your horse’s intestinal dysfunction.
  • Various approaches to improving intestinal function and preventing leaky gut in your horse.

This webinar is FREE and can be attended via your phone or computer. However, you must register to attend.

Reserve your spot at: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/3815240860488691971

Date: June 26th, 2017
Time: 4.30 Pacific, 6:30 Central, 7:30 Eastern
Place: On your computer or phone
Speaker: Dr. Bill Vandergrift

Vandergrift has over 35 years experience consulting with regional and national feed companies, members of the United States Equestrian Team, breeders, and trainers. Over the years he has worked with horses in the United States, Canada, Ireland, England, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Southeast Asia. In the process of consulting with top breeders and international riders, Vandergrift founded EquiVision, an equine nutrition consulting company and went on to formulate unique nutritional supplements to help individual horses and breeders achieve optimal performance under the EquiVision name.

In addition to his passion for helping fix horses via feeding and supplementation regimes, Vandergrift believes in educating EquiVision clients and is delighted to have the opportunity to share his knowledge with you by participating in this educational webinar. Whether you own, or manage a farm, this is one webinar that you’ll want to attend.

About EquiVision

The nutritional products offered by EquiVision were originally developed to address a specific need; we have never developed a product simply to compete with other products that were popular in the marketplace. Our products are not the cheapest, but they are proven to work. We do not make false claims about our products; we will accurately tell you what to expect from our products and also tell you what not to expect. If a product from another company is what is best for your horse, we will advise you accordingly. If you are a current customer using EquiVision products in your horse’s diet our, consulting services are available to you free of charge. We truly are “Looking After Your Horse’s Future, Today.”

For further information on Equivision Inc., supplements, please visit www.equivision.com. You can also follow Equivision Inc at www.facebook.com/EquivisionInc.