Happy Halloween! Are you and your horse celebrating by dressing up in costume this year?

In last week’s online poll, we asked our readers if they would be attending a Halloween-themed horse show or event this week and if their horses would be donning a costume. More than 300 people responded and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 336 respondents, 34 (10%) said they planned to attend a Halloween show or event and would be in costume. Another 31 people (9%) planned to attend a Halloween show, but were going to skip the costume, and the remaining 271 respondents (81%) did not plan to attend a Halloween horse show or event.

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Additionally, several people commented about their Halloween plans:

  • “I don’t compete any more, but I’ve entered Halloween shows and gymkhanas in the past (in costume).”
  • “I am dressing as Winnie the Pooh and my chestnut Thoroughbred is going to be Tigger!”
  • “No, but when my horse was a foal I dressed him up as a devil for Halloween!”
  • “No, too busy, but am planning to make a costume for next season’s breed costume classes.”
  • “George dresses up like a mule; oh wait, he is a mule.”
  • “My equine partner is my side kick. We team together.”
  • “Our horse shows are done for the year, but I like seeing everyone’s costumes online!”
  • “I have a lame horse and no trailer or I would attend and participate.”
  • “My horses don’t go anywhere off the mountain.”
  • “There are none in my area of Hanford, California.”
  • “I’m volunteering at an annual costume Halloween ride.”
  • “My horse would die of fright if I tried.”
  • “I’ll be going to a college rodeo instead of competing at a Halloween barrel race.”
  • “I dress her up for the Fourth of July. That’s it.”

If you’re still looking for costume ideas, have no fear! Check out some of these reader-submitted photos from past Halloween contests!

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More Costume Ideas: https://www.thehorse.com/photos/slideshows/34839/2014-hallowhinny-photo-contest

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