Regular grooming promotes good health. This hands-on process goes far beyond just making the horse “look pretty.” Genuine grooming combines energetic scrubbing, all-over polishing, conscientious inspection, and consistent protection in a series of procedures.

Grooming is a vital horsekeeping task; the basis of a daily routine. As you scrub and stroke the hair coat and skin, you create friction with grooming tools. Friction stimulates the oils of the skin as it loosens dirt and dead hair. The pressure you exert massages the skin and stimulates blood circulation.

Hand tools are the foundation of solid grooming–not a shelf of products. Proper grooming is an activity that demands diligent work. To promote the horse’s well-being, you’ll follow the traditions of what grooms call “rubbing,” rather than applying a quick fix.


Regular handling on the ground reinforces your horse’s ground manners. Because you’ll stand close to the horse while working, remain alert to surrounding activity that might distract the horse or cause him to spook.

Start the process by tying the

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