10 Severe Weather Preparation Resources on TheHorse.com.

When you’ve got 1,200-pound, four-legged dependents to consider, planning in advance for natural disasters and severe weather takes on a whole new meaning. Fear not: We’ve compiled 10 severe weather resources you can use to prepare your horses and farm for disasters before they even occur.

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Flooded horse farm

Do you have a plan in place for your horses if wildfires, tornadoes, floods, or hurricanes strike in your area? Experts share tips on how to prepare for the worst-case natural disaster scenarios in an archived Ask TheHorse Live podcast at TheHorse.com/138489. | Photo: Thinkstock.com

ARTICLE: 20 Disaster Planning Questions Disaster planning starts at home and in neighborhoods. It begins with understanding your farm and community’s risk for wildfires, storm outbreaks, hurricanes, earthquakes, and chemical mishaps. Well-prepared horse owners should be able to answer 20 questions before disaster strikes. Read More

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VIDEO: Hurricane Preparedness Rebecca McConnico, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVIM, offers advice on planning for natural disasters and the hurricane season when managing horses. Watch Now

ARTICLE: Preparedness is Key to Surviving Tornadoes with Horses In tornado-prone areas, some residents construct storm shelters in order to safely ride out dangerous ordeals. When it comes to protecting horses, however, designing a “tornado-proof” barn is a more complicated matter. That’s why preparedness is crucial for helping horses survive potentially life-threatening storms. Read More

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ARTICLE: Wildfires: When Evacuation is Not an Option Wildfires are a very real threat in many parts of the country and, while owners are able to remove their horses from at-risk areas in some cases, evacuation isn’t always an option. How should you handle your farm and animals in these cases? Read More

ARTICLE: In Disaster’s Wake: Horses and the Devastation Massive destructive forces of nature, such as hurricanes floods, and tornadoes can roar into our lives with or without forewarning. Other environmental threats such as drought, oppressive heat, or biting cold move quietly into areas and can linger for months. As horse owners, we must recognize the potential effects of environmental conditions on our animals. Read More