horse vaccination resources
Most horse owners learn from the beginning to have their horses vaccinated, spring and fall, against a variety of potentially dangerous diseases. But it’s not always as simple as a horse getting a few injections. Which ones does your horse need? Do vaccine needs change as horses age? What about breeding stock and young horses?

To help you better understand vaccines’ importance, how and why they protect horses, and which ones your horse might benefit from, we’ve compiled a list of 10 horse vaccination resources available to free on

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ARTICLE: Equine Vaccination Q&A Confused by the various vaccine types, schedules, and administration routes for horses? Here’s what you need to know. Read More

ARTICLE: Superheroes in a Syringe: How Vaccines Work Take a behind-the-scenes look at how your horse’s immune system is best primed for battle. Read More

ARTICLE: Fall Vaccines for Horses Horses might need additional risk-based vaccines in the fall months, depending on location and activities. Read More

VIDEO: Vaccinating Broodmares Broodmares require additional vaccinations to help ensure their foals are protected from disease. Learn about proper broodmare vaccinations with Dale Brown, DVM, of Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital. Watch Now

ARTICLE: Foal Vaccination Strategies Learn which vaccines a foal needs, and how long after birth he should receive these inoculations. Read More

INTERACTIVE FEATURE: Core Vaccination: Protecting Horses From 5 Deadly Diseases Learn about the diseases veterinarians recommend protecting your horse against and how vaccination could save your horse’s life. View Now

FARM CALL: Why a Veterinarian Should Vaccinate Your Horse Why can’t we give our horses their vaccines ourselves? My barn friend said my shots won’t count if I give them myself. Read More

ARTICLE: Injection Objection: Adverse Vaccine Reactions Adverse vaccination reactions can take many forms, from mild cases such as a stiff neck to the extreme of anaphylactic shock and death. Understanding how to minimize adverse reactions and having a plan in mind in case of an adverse reaction can help your horse stay comfortable following vaccination. Read More

ARTICLE: Equine Core Vaccine Basics Veterinary authorities recommend these vaccines for all horses, every year. Read More

SPONSORED CONTENT: Protecting Horses Against the Growing Flu Threat Research shows equine influenza vaccines and vaccination practices must evolve to keep up with changing flu strains. Read More