The Horse's bloggers had a busy year, and they're gearing up to share more thoughts, insights, and information with readers in 2016. But before we move forward, we've taken a look back to tally the most viewed blog posts in 2015. Be sure to share your thoughts about the following blogs' in their comment sections, and check back often for new discussions in the new year.

Horses and the Law: Read This Before You Buy Your First Horse

Too many first-time horse owners select a horse that isn't right for them. Eventually, they get frustrated and give up on horses altogether. Don't make mistakes when shopping for a horse. Blogger Rachel Kosmal McCart put together this guide to buying your first horse.

Old Horses; Better With Age: What is 'Old' for a Horse?

Over the years news editor Erica Larson has cared for dozens of so-called "old" horses, and one of the most interesting things to me has always been how differently individual horses age, and how some horses truly appear "old" at a much younger age than others. What does "old" really refer to, after all?

The Horse 911: What Do I Do With This Dead Horse? Part 1

The final responsibility