How is a Caslick's Procedure Supposed to be Done in a Mare?
Q. I have a mare who is due to foal any day. She had a Caslick’s procedure done and two weeks ago my vet removed the stitches, but she is still closed up. When I called the vet twice, both times I was told that she would open up with pressure when she starts to give birth. Other horse people that I know told me that she should have been opened up. This is new to me. How is a Caslick’s procedure supposed to be done? I don’t want her to tear when she gives birth because it’s not opened.

Jackie Sparks

A. A Caslick’s procedure is employed to prevent fecal contamination and possible placentitis (infection of the placenta) in a pregnant mare. It is also commonly used in mares with poor vulvar

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