In Canada, Alberta and Ontario horse breeders and owners insured through CBL Oxford Insurance and Canada Brokerlink can feel confident that its horse mortality insurance policies will provide compensation for any horses killed by the West Nile virus (WNV).
Canada Brokerlink Inc., one of the largest insurance brokers in Canada, has informed policyholders that as long as a horse has been vaccinated by a veterinarian and that follow-up vaccinations and boosters have also been administered by a veterinarian, then coverage is confirmed with its horse mortality policies.
Spokesperson Allie Davis added that the policies are in force against death resulting directly or indirectly from WNV providing a certificate from the veterinarian is available stating the horse(s) have been vaccinated for WNV, and they have received the booster shot.
West Nile virus is a mosquito-borne virus that can cause clinical signs in horses such as hind end weakness, lack of coordination, stumbling, partial paralysis, difficulties with chewing, high temperature and flu-like symptoms. In some cases, the virus can be fatal.
A WNV vaccine was made available last summer on the condition it must be administered by a veterinarian.
CBL Oxford Insurance, with branches throughout Alberta, is one of the few insurance brokerages specializing in equine insurance. It is owned by Canada Brokerlink Inc., which operates in Ontario as Canada Brokerlink (Ontario) Inc. Canada Brokerlink Inc. has a total of 57 locations with 525 associates throughout Alberta and Ontario.  Canada Brokerlink Inc. is the fourth largest insurance brokerage in Canada.