As reported by Horse & Hound, a donkey was forced to parasail on a Russian beach last week in what has been deemed an act of animal cruelty. The donkey was attached to the parasail over the Sea of Azov in the Krasnodar region of Southern Russia.

According to Russian police, the parasail stunt was part of an advertising campaign to attract holidaymakers to a private beach.

Witnesses reported hearing the donkey scream as it was lifted high into the air. He later landed and was dragged through the water before being pulled to the shore. The local press arrived on the scene during the event and captured video footage.

According to a spokesman for The Donkey Sanctuary, United Kingdom, "The donkey was strapped to the parasail and catapulted into the sky and would have been severely distressed, fearful and traumatized." The donkey has since been rescued by UK's The Sun newspaper and was declared healthy by a veterinarian.

A police enquiry has been launched into the incident. Those responsible face prosecution for animal cruelty.