Rugged Lark, dubbed “America’s Beloved Super Horse,” was euthanatized after he colicked on Oct. 25. The 23-year-old Quarter Horse stallion was the winner of the coveted Super Horse title the American Quarter Horse Association World Show in 1985 and 1987. He sired two other horses that attained the title.

“Considering his age and condition, his prognosis was poor,” said a letter on the Bo-Bett Farm web site. “Carol’s decision to not let Lark suffer became her final solution.”

Rugged Lark was bred, born, and trained at Bo-Bett Farm in Reddick, Fla. where he lived with his owner, Carol Harris and family, for almost 24 years. He spent the latter part of his life entertaining and making friends with thousands of visitors that came to see him at Bo-Bett. He was known for always bowing politely to his fans.

With his trainer, Lynn Palm Pittion-Rosillon, Rugged Lark also performed bridleless exhibitions around the country at events such as the American Quarter Horse Congress, the National Horse Show, the Washington International Horse Show, the United States Equestrian Team Festival of Champions, the Annual Shrine Rodeo, the Annual Florida Agricultural Festival, the United States Dressage Federation, and the AQHA World Show. In 1995 he was named Quarter Horse Ambassador for the United States Equestrian Team.  In 1996 he was presented the Silver Spur Award by the AQHA and was also invited to perform for people from all over the world at the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta, GA. In 1997, Rugged Lark set out on his Farewell Tour which was sponsored by Bayer Animal Health division of the Bayer Corporation. Lark is the only horse to ever be sponsored by a major corporation. On his Farewell Tour, Rugged Lark performed at prestigious shows such as the Devon Horse Show, Equitana USA, The Hampton Classic, the Quarter Horse Congress and the AQHA World Show.

Lark was