A massive wildfire that has burned thousands of acres and instigated mandatory evacuations in several rural Northern California communities has also displaced some horses in Lake County.

Fueled by steamy temperatures and erratic winds, the Pawnee wildfire began on June 23 and has destroyed several buildings and threatened homes in the Clearlake Oaks community. By June 25 the fire had scorched 8,2000 acres causing the Lake County California Sheriff’s Department to order the mandatory evacuation of the entire Spring Valley area, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention (Calfire).

Some horse owners began to evacuate their animals outside the fire zone even before the evacuation order was issued, said a representative for Lake County Department of Animal Control.

“We already have two horses here, but we expect to get more,” the representative said, while other owners have relocated horses to private properties outside the fire zone.

Meanwhile, more than 200 firefighters are using helicopters, bulldozers, and other heavy equipment to attempt to contain the blaze, Calfire said.