assateague island wild horse killed

Another Assateague Pony has died after being struck by a car.

On Oct. 2, at approximately 7:30 p.m., the 18-year-old bay stallion, N9BFNY (“Sir Gruff”) was struck and killed by a car on the MD Rt. 611 causeway. It is not known if speed was a factor. A full investigation of this accident is underway.

N9BFNY and his band, N10T (“Ninka”) and N10T-JO (“Assateague Phoenix”), normally frequent the Tingles Island vicinity and Pine Tree backcountry sites but they have spent the summer in the developed area.

N9BFNY is the 19th horse to be killed on the MD Rt. 611 causeway since 1982, another 6 horses have been injured. In August, a 2-year-old stallion (N2BHS-AO, “Adriana’s Yankee Prince”) was struck by a vehicle and euthanized a few days later due to his injuries.

The National Park Service said it joins the public in concern for the loss of horses on the causeway. It said it hopes to continue to work with the State of Maryland Department of Transportation to make Rt. 611 safer for visitors and wild horses.