The five-year plan for equine research and development was reviewed at a one-day meeting in Scone, New South Wales. The Research Plan for Equine R&D was adopted in December, 1996, following 18 months of consultations, an Australia-wide industry survey, and a two-day workshop on Equine Research & Development Past the Year 2000. Since then more than 500 copies of the Research Plan have been distributed throughout the horse industry.

The Review of the Five-Year Plan involved representatives of the Australian Horse Industry Council, the Equestrian Federation of Australia, the Australian Stock Horse Society, the Australian Quarter Horse Association, the Australian Conference of Principal Racing Clubs, and the Australian Equine Veterinary Association, together with members of the Equine R&D Advisory Committee.

The review also considered emerging issues and some of the major points raised included:

  • Quality Assurance – no diseases or problems.
  • Better cohesion in the industry, especially for export markets to succeed.
  • Environmental problems.
  • Better dissemination of information.
  • Building a better partnership between researchers and industry.
  • Continuity of funding for R&D via an industry levy.

The Review noted the outstanding achievements of the Equine R&D Program and the strong liaison between the horse industry and the RIRDC Equine R&D Program.