If you could choose your horse’s height, how tall would he be? Are you a fan of large-scale  draft horses? What about a Miniature Horse? Or maybe you prefer something somewhere in the middle.

Last week, we asked our readers what they considered to be an ideal height for a horse. More than 1,100 people responded and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 1,150 respondents, 440 (38%) said their ideal horse would stand at least 15 hands but less than 16 hands, while 293 (25%) said they’d prefer a horse that was 16 hands or taller. Another 259 individuals (23%) chose at least 14 hands but less than 15 hands tall, and 37 respondents (3%) preferred horses 14 hands or shorter. The remaining 121 respondents (11%) said the horse’s height doesn’t matter.

Additionally, more than 200 people commented about their ideal height for a horse. Here are a few of their comments:  

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Several respondents commented that they preferred a horse that was 16 hands high or taller:

  • “I prefer 16 hands and up, but I’m okay with 15 hands. I just like the larger strides in bigger horses.”
  • “I’m not exactly jockey sized and 16+ hands fits, especially if it’s a draft-cross.”
  • “I am 5’7" with long legs, so 16 hands just fits my leg length.”
  • “I am 5’8" so my height is best suited for 15 hands plus, but I love a 16-hand-plus horse with good muscle mass.”
  • “I’m 5’8 so I prefer 16 hands and larger, but I would consider a big bodied 15.2-3-hand horse.”
  • “I love 16 to 16.2 hands. It’s a great size for eventing.”
  • “16.2 is perfect to me.”
  • “Both mine are 16.1 hands. I love big horses, although it’s a long way down.”
  • “I like a horse over 16 but under 17 hands for eventing. Nice size for jumping, but athletic.”
  • “I prefer just over 16 hands for dressage. I’m a petite rider but like the extra crossing.”

Some readers preferred horses that stand 15 hands to 16 hands tall:

  • “15 hands is ideal, but most important is for the horse be built properly to carry me.”
  • “For me, around 15 hands is perfect, but the build of the horse is much more important than the height.”
  • “I’m tall, so I can’t truly say that height doesn’t matter. I prefer a horse around 15.3 hands though!”
  • “15-16 hands seems the right size for a person who is 5’4" tall.”

Others said they like horses that are 14 hands to 15 hands tall:

  • “It doesn’t really matter. Mine have all been 14 to 15 hands. I’m a 5’3" barrel racer, so they’ve been good size.”
  • “14.3-15 hands has always been my preference for endurance but my champion mare is 14.2 hands.”
  • “I like my Quarter Horses to be right around 14.1 to 14.2 hands. I’m short so it’s easier to get on and off.”
  • “My four Morgan mares stand between 14 and 15 hands, the best height for my height (5’1").”
  • “I find that a horse that stands 14.2 hands is more my size than one that is larger.”

Numerous respondents commented on why they favored a taller horse:

  • “I’m 5’10" and have really long legs so I need a horse that is nice and tall!”
  • “I need a bigger horse to match my longer torso and fill out my legs.”
  • “Tall horses are better for multiple disciplines.”
  • “I like big horses, they cover more ground.”
  • “It’s ideal for the hunter horse to be taller, more marketable.”
  • “I’m almost 6′ tall, so need a larger horse to take up leg so I won’t look too big for the horse.”
  • “We breed and show hunter under saddle horses. Height helps”
  • “I ride hunters and jumpers, and height typically goes with that. Plus, I like the big horses.”
  • “If you want to show AQHA in English you must have a horse at least 16 hands.”
  • “I prefer tall horses due to my height.”
  • “Larger horses often but not always have nice large strides.”
  • “I just love big horses!”

Whereas several others shared why they prefer a shorter horse:

  • “Smaller horses are usually more athletic and wear their bodies less than bigger horses.”
  • “As I get older I like to be closer to the ground!”
  • “I’m short, so a shorter horse (or mule, in my case) is easier to saddle and mount.”
  • “I’m a small person and fit better on a smaller horse.”
  • “Smaller horses are just easier for me to handle, as I am very petite.”
  • “Just above waist height is best.”
  • “Smallest I can ride. I love my Connemara ponies.”
  • “I am both short and old, so it is a lot easier to mount/dismount on a shorter horse.”
  • “We’re all about the Minis!”
  • “I am short so tacking up is easier on shorter horse/pony.”
  • “I have always liked smaller breeds and it makes tacking and mounting easier.”
  • “As I have gotten older, I prefer a shorter horse.”

And some respondents commented that a horse’s height doesn’t matter:

  • “Height doesn’t matter. I’m more concerned with the horse’s disposition.”
  • “Height has never mattered to me. Good conformation and attitude trump any height.”
  • “I’ve had two 14.3 hand geldings and a 16-hand mare. All wonderful horses. Height made no difference.”
  • “It’s more important how they move and how they’re ‘built.’”
  • “I do carriage driving so height is not so important.”
  • “I ride dressage so as long as the horse has talent then it doesn’t matter to me.”
  • “It depends more on build and conformation than height.”
  • “It’s the heart of the horse that matters.”
  • “All that matters is the horse’s potential.”
  • “Size doesn’t matter; balanced conformation is what should matter for the chosen discipline.”
  • “It’s what best suits the rider that is important.”

Others left general comments about horse height:

  • “My pure-bred Arabs have ranged from 14.3 to 16.3 hands; I ride hunters, barrels, and dressage.”
  • “I like a horse I can see over.”
  • “I like to see the terrain ahead of me, but I need to be able to mount in the field.”
  • “I like shire horses a lot, partly because they are big and look really majestic.”
  • “Previously, I preferred 15-15.2 hands, as I got older bought a horse 14.1 hands. Easier all the way around!”
  • “If the horse has a good conformation, his height is ideal too. Rider weight proportioned to horse weight.”
  • “My horses have gotten shorter as my age has increased!”
  • “I am a draft horse owner.”
  • “Riding a small horse feels like being on someone’s pony!”
  • “Draft horse, the only way to ride!”
  • “It depends on what purpose the horse is intended for and its talent.”
  • “I have had from 11 hands to 17.3 hands, but it sure is easier to groom my pony!”
  • “I have had anything from 13 to 16 hands, they are all good in their way.”
  • “I want to be able to get my entire leg on the horse’s side when needed.”
  • “I play polo, so don’t want any elephants, but I am tall so don’t need a pony either.”
  • “I’ve had horses from 14.2 to 18.1 hands. Soundness is the most important thing.”

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