If you could choose your horse’s height, how tall would he be? Are you a fan of large-scale  draft horses? What about a Miniature Horse? Or maybe you prefer something somewhere in the middle.

Last week, we asked our readers what they considered to be an ideal height for a horse. More than 1,100 people responded and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 1,150 respondents, 440 (38%) said their ideal horse would stand at least 15 hands but less than 16 hands, while 293 (25%) said they’d prefer a horse that was 16 hands or taller. Another 259 individuals (23%) chose at least 14 hands but less than 15 hands tall, and 37 respondents (3%) preferred horses 14 hands or shorter. The remaining 121 respondents (11%) said the horse’s height doesn’t matter.

Additionally, more than 200 people commented about their ideal height for a horse. Here are a few of their comments:  

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Several respondents commented that they preferred a horse that was 16 hands high or taller:

  • “I prefer 16 hands and up, but I’m okay with 15 hands. I just like the larger strides in bigger horses.”
  • “I’m not exactly jockey sized and 16+ hands fits, especially if it’s a draft-cross.&