International Equine Disease Report, Fourth Quarter 2015

Confirmed diseases include vesicular stomatitis, EHV, influenza, Hendra virus, equine infectious anemia, and more.

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The International Collating Center, in Newmarket, United Kingdom; the Equine Disease Communication Center, in Lexington, Kentucky; and other sources reported the following disease outbreaks during the fourth quarter of 2015.

Vesicular stomatitis continued to spread during the period under review, with 134 virus-confirmed premises and an additional 485 premises on which the disease was clinically diagnosed but not virologically confirmed. All confirmed outbreaks were caused by the New Jersey serotype. New outbreaks in the fourth quarter were diagnosed in eight states: Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming. The greatest increase of cases were detected in Colorado and Wyoming.

Influenza was reported by the United Kingdom and the United States. Isolated cases were diagnosed on four premises in the United Kingdom, of which the majority were in unvaccinated horses. A fifth premises in the United Kingdom involved an outbreak of five cases, all Andalusians. Influenza was considered endemic in the United States with disease confirmed in Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Oregon, and Texas.

Equine herpesvirus (EHV)-1 and -4 disease was recorded in France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Respiratory disease caused by EHV-1 was confirmed in France (a single outbreak), Ireland (seven cases), and the United States (activity recorded in several states). Abortion caused by EHV-1 was reported by Japan (eight cases in vaccinated mares on seven premises), the United Kingdom (two cases in Thoroughbreds), and the United States (three cases). Two outbreaks of EHV-1 myeloencephalopathy were recorded in the United States, both in Pennsylvania—one at a racetrack and the other at a riding stable; the latter resulted in three deaths. France and Germany reported outbreaks of EHV-4 respiratory disease. Nineteen outbreaks were confirmed in France, most in French Trotters, and single cases were confirmed on three premises in Germany

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