Trail riding can be a fun way to spend time with friends and let you horse stretch his legs outside the arena. Some people even bring let their canine companions along to join in on the fun. Does your dog accompany you off-leash on trail rides?

We posed this question to our readers in last week’s online poll. More than 600 people responded, and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 620 respondents, 266 (43%) said their dogs accompany them off-leash on trail rides, while the remaining 354 respondents (57%) said they do not bring unleashed dogs along.  

Additionally, more than 125 people commented about why they do or do not take their dogs on trail rides:  

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Many people commented that their dog(s) do accompany them on trails:

  • “My mare loved the company and when my dog stopped, so would she.”
  • “He usually runs ahead on the trails and never bothering horses or other dogs.”
  • “I have three Border Collie/Mini Aussies that need exercise. Trail rides are perfect for my dogs!”
  • “Yes, when there is no overcrowding. She is always on a hot collar so I have control at all times.”
  • “We take our Black Lab with us on 95% of our rides. He helps to desensitize our horses.”
  • “My dogs are respectful of the horses on trail and have helped horses and riders become less fearful.”
  • “My dogs go