Do you own or keep any type of livestock other than horses? We posed this question to our readers in an online poll last week. More than 350 people responded, and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 362 respondents, only 137 (38%) said they own or keep other types of livestock in addition to horses, while 225 (62%) said they do not.

Additionally, more than 70 people commented about the different types of animals they have and how they are managed:

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Many people mentioned that they have sheep or goats:

  • “I have goats. They get along okay as long as they don’t steal the horses’ grain! I vaccinate and deworm them on same schedule.”
  • “I used to have goat buddies for my previous horse. A fence separated the horse and goats.”
  • “I have goats. They do fine together and I’ve had no disease problems.”
  • “I keep sheep. They seem to get on well with the horses and often graze and lie down together.”
  • “We have two Nubian goats who love the horses, acting like herd members.”
  • “My sheep and horses choose to share a stall for winter warmth. So, they get along very well.”
  • “My goats and horses seem to actually like each other. Routine vaccinations for both species.”
  • “My sheep get along quite well with my horses. I separate them at feeding time, though.”