November 8, 2019 — ClearWind Farm is located on 200 peaceful acres of forest and farmland just west of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  As a horse-based learning center, its mission is to create a place for healing and growth where visitors “feel welcome and empowered to find their own path.”

Operated by Suzanne Case and her husband Matt, the facility offers equine-assisted therapy programs for those facing psychological challenges, such as anxiety and depression. The program is also geared to help other people who want to improve their social skills and self-confidence.

Riding lessons are offered, and the focus is not just on learning horsemanship skills. ClearWind Farm specializes in Vinyasa Dressage, which blends classical dressage training with the holistic practice of yoga, helping riders to cultivate a more thoughtful, joyful connection with their equine partners.

“The goal of yoga-inspired riding is to condition the body and the mind, so riders can be their best selves physically and mentally,” Suzanne explained.

ClearWind Farm’s new equestrian center was designed and constructed by Morton Buildings in 2018.  The facility features an 88- by 36-foot barn with six stalls that currently house 15 horses of varied breeds, about half of which are rescue or rehabilitated animals.

The barn also includes a tack room, feeding area, two offices and a lounge, as well as a 20- by 16-foot glass-enclosed yoga studio.

The other component is a 140- by 72-foot covered riding arena with covered viewing area. The arena is used not only for riding lessons and therapy sessions but is also rented out to non-profit organizations for fundraising and other community events.

Also built were seven 3-sided pasture shelters equipped with water troughs and fans to help keep the horses comfortable during warm weather.

Suzanne is pleased not only with the quality and efficiency of the project, but also how it supports the Cases’ commitment to provide a relaxing, welcoming environment for the community.

“We love the fact that ClearWind Farm can offer a safe, inclusive place to make people feel comfortable,” she said. “The clear lines, custom work and soft, beautiful colors create a serene while also professional look.”

Exterior design elements support the pleasing atmosphere, including decorative rooftop cupolas, relaxing porches, roof eyebrow overhangs and sliding doors.

Dennis Lee, Morton Buildings sales consultant, worked closely with the Cases on the project. He noted that the barn’s interior colors, textures and lighting were selected to reinforce a warm and inviting feeling. “Instead of standard panel doors, we used natural wood, predominantly yellow pine,” he said. “Solid fir doors were installed with glass transoms to promote natural lighting,”

Lee added that natural light was also the goal of having framed openings in the riding arena design.

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