A dusty riding arena is more than a frustration. It can also cause a host of respiratory problems for both horses and humans. So what is the best way to tackle the looming dust clouds? In last week’s online poll, we asked our readers what they use for arena dust control. More than 280 people responded, and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 299 respondents, 196 (66%) said they use a sprinkler or water to help control arena dust. Another 42 individuals (14%) said they have low- or no-dust footing, and 13 people (4%) used an oil- or plant-based dust-control product on their arenas. The remaining 48 respondents (16%) said they used other methods for arena dust control.

Additionally, more than 40 people commented about how they manage dusty arenas:

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Some people said they use water or a sprinkler for arena dust control:

  • “We water down the riding area before working horses.”
  • “Our arena is outside, and dust is not a problem. Our daughter uses sprinklers at her covered arena.”
  • “I use irrigation sprinklers. I wish I could afford the other options.”
  • “We use a sprinkler system or hand-watering.”

Others said they used some type of arena application:

  • “We use Arena Rx, a polymer-based liquid for the indoor riding ring.”
  • “A product called ArenaKleen, applied once every three to four years over a