We’ve said it before, and there’s a good chance that we’ll say it again: Horses are masters of self-destruction. They can find the only pointy object in a pasture to impale themselves on, colic for seemingly no rhyme or reason, and pull off a shoe—along with half the hoof—all in a day’s work. Horse owners must expect—and be prepared for—the unexpected when they arrive at the barn each day.

We’ve compiled 10 resources available for free on TheHorse.com to help you navigate a variety of equine emergencies, from lacerations and colic to hoof and neurologic problems. For more information, search “emergency care” or view the “First Aid & Emergency Care” topic on TheHorse.com.

ARTICLE: Waiting for the Veterinarian In many cases, unless a horse develops an injury or other condition with a veterinarian present, the chances of him having to wait—even a short while—for veterinary care are high. That’s why it’s important an owner knows how to help his or her injured horse until the veterinarian arrives. Read More

SLIDESHOW: Equine First-Aid Kit for Minor Injuries and Acute Wound-Care Do you have the proper supplies on hand to