Henri de Rivel is dedicated to providing quality tack and other essentials to fit any budget!

The new Vegan-X line by Henri de Rivel offers any english rider looking for quality tack without the guilt of using animal products or the hassle of leather. Available in 3 saddles styles, matching stirrup leathers, halter and a belt.

The Henri de Rivel VeganX Dressage Saddle is crafted to resemble exceptional leather, but make no mistake, this saddle is animal product- free. Get that classic, sleek look without breaking the bank or consuming animal products. This synthetic leather is low maintenance for the busy equestrian, lightweight and worry-free for getting caught in the rain. Cleaning is a cinch, just gently rub a damp cloth after your ride, no conditioner or saddle soap necessary. With a medium deep seat and stabilizing knee rolls, the horse and rider connection will be as clear as a traditional saddle, without the hassle.

The advantages with the Vegan-X All Purpose Saddle are endless with low maintenance, light weight, superior comfort and ideal for all weather riding. Also offered in pony sizes, all equestrians are accommodated! An all purpose saddle is perfect for ring work, hitting the trails or doing a little grid work. Have peace of mind that your horse will have all day comfort with synthetic wool flocking that conforms to their anatomical structures and can be easily adjusted by a saddler. Get that same high quality saddle and ease of maintenance without the huge price tag.

Pair these “leathers” with the HDR Vegan-X saddle or any other synthetic saddle. The Vegan-X Stirrup Leathers offer less stretch over time and hold their true size for longer than traditional leather. These leathers lay flat under the saddle skirt for a smooth feel under the rider’s thigh.

Get convenience and versatility with the Vegan-X Leather Halter by Henri de Rivel. Safety is not forgotten with a breakaway grommet that detaches with enough pressure, freeing the horse. Have no worries bathing and getting this material wet, unlike traditional leather. This tack piece is easy to clean with simply wiping with a damp, soapy cloth for caked on dirt and no conditioner necessary!

The Henri de Rivel Vegan-X Leather Belt has a simple design for a polished, classic look for show or schooling ring. This belt will surely add a smart look to any equestrian’s riding outfit.

Check it out online or ask about it at your local tack shop!

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