Karen Harris loved horses growing up on her family’s cattle farm and dreamed of having her own horse barn someday. That wish finally came true in 2017, when she and her husband, Mark, created Fine View Farm, a 10-acre property in Stanly County, North Carolina, that includes a stall barn, riding arena and pasture land.

The farm was located just two-tenths of a mile from their home, and the Harrises used a golf cart to go back and forth each day to tend to the horses. In 2019, the retired coupled decided to build a house on the site and moved into their new home in March of this year. “We felt it was a great place to build a barn and eventually a house,” she explained.

Karen and Mark aren’t the only family members with a love for horses. Their daughter’s captivation started at age 11 and this fall she will be a senior in college pursuing a degree in equine management. They also have two sons in college who help with what Karen calls the heavy-lifting, such as loading and unloading bags of feed and shavings.

The Harrises decided to have their own horse facility after boarding for many years. Their new 10-stall barn, designed and built by Morton Buildings, currently houses six horses, including quarter horse, saddlebred and mini breeds. The barn also has a wash room, feed room and tack room. “We built it with the original intention to have two spare stalls,” Karen recalled, “but now everything is full.” One of the horses, named Taz at birth but registered as Ima Fine View, is Karen’s ‘heart horse’. “I’ve had him for 10 years, and the farm is named for him,” she said.

Most of the barn inhabitants are retired, some former show horses. “For me, this is mostly a hobby farm – we pretty much just take care of them,” she explained. “We use the riding arena for a lot of different things, mainly as a turnout area during inclement weather where the horses can stretch and get exercise.”

The Harrises also appreciate the facility’s attractive design elements, which include rooftop horse weather vanes and cupolas, Dutch and Diamond M sliding doors, front and back porches, and wainscot. “Our neighbors have told us many times how beautiful it is and how glad they are that we built it.”

For Karen, Fine View Farm is the culmination of a lifelong passion. “I wanted to be somewhere where I could look out my window and see my horses again, like I did as a kid,” she said. “This is my happy place.” To view photos of Fine View Farm, visit https://mortonbuildings.com/projects/karens-stall-barn-riding-arena. For additional information about Morton Buildings’ equestrian projects, visit https://mortonbuildings.com/projects/equestrian.