No matter how well a barn is run, it’s our nature  as horse owners to want to run it better. We are always looking for other options that might make the barn just a little nicer place for our horses to live.
Here’s an option you might not have considered:  Peat moss bedding. Though not often used in the United States, it’s a popular choice in other countries and for good reason. Composed of partially decomposed sphagnum moss, peat moss is by far the most absorbent bedding available. In fact, it can absorb up to 10 times its own weight in moisture. In addition, it absorbs odors, resulting in sweet smelling barns.
Soft, cushiony, peat moss also makes a fine bed for horses, providing support for bones and joints. These qualities make it particularly suitable for senior horses.
Its absorbability and odor prevention make it a great choice for horses with respiratory challenges, such as heaves or inflammatory airway disease. The primary source of airborne dust in barns is feed and bedding, and peat moss helps cut down on that dust.
Peat moss is easy to muck and can be used with all types of stall floors. It also comes in easily stored and transported bags.
An environmentally friendly bedding, it can be readily composted and then move on to a new career nourishing peoples’ gardens.
Before you rush out and buy peat moss however, what are the cons?
If you are running a show barn, you and your boarders are probably quite accustomed to a golden bed of shavings in the stalls. Peat moss presents an entirely different picture. It’s dark, and lighter colored horses can pick up some of the dark coloring on their coats. The stalls no longer have that attractive golden color, but now are dark as well.
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